Mobile Precast Factory

Well-targeted entry into the precast concrete industry with low initial investment and maximum flexibility

A mobile modular, scalable precast concrete plant offers entirely new possibilities for the production of high-quality precast concrete parts on site. The advantages in quote calculation for large projects will also be attractive. A mobile plant enables you in offering high-quality precast concrete parts at best flexibility with minimum transport costs. The location-independence of the facility gives you a clear competitive advantage in project tenders; with on-site production even eliminating the need to invest in a suitable plot of land.

Typical modules of a mobile plant

1Batching PlantUniversal and powerful
2Maintenance AreaReliable, user-friendly
3Pre- and post tensioning area Safety, precision, accuracy
4Production bedsShortest curing time, resonance free
5Gantry craneVarious tasks
6maxtruder / maxcasterStongest hollow core slabs, wall elements and more
7Preparation machine Cleaning, oiling, wire pulling
8Concrete sawExtended saw blade lifetime
9Stessing wire decoiling reelEfficient and reliable
10Storage areaProject specific

Typical products for a mobile precast factory


  • Low initial investment in production equipment and premises
  • Just in time production and shortest supply chains
  • Savings in raw materials and labour time
  • Hollow core slab production without chemical concrete admixes


  • Particularly fast installation and commissioning 
  • Rapid relocation of the production plant to another site
  • Wide range of modules for flexible production of various prestressed/reinforced components


  • Efficient industrial procedures guarantee constantly high quality of the precast concrete products
  • Long bed production with highest compaction for concrete strengths above 75 MPa and perfect stressing wire adhesion
  • Accurate concrete products, ready for painting ex works

Example of a mobile production plant in figures:

Theoretical capacity144 - 576 m²/day | 43.200 - 172.800 m²/year
Production area2.000 m²
Site Area3.500 m²
Number of production beds1 - 4
Max. hollow core slab thickness / length320 mm / 15 m
Duration until 1st production4 weeks