Concrete Saws

work with the fastest concrete saw in the market

Angular, longitudinal and transverse cutting of precast concrete elements

All MAX-truder concrete saws feature the most precise saw blade guide in the market. For extended saw blade life and lower costs. Whether for cross, angular or longitudinal cutting. We consider user-friendliness and extreme robustness to be a matter of course. Our saws cut prestressed concrete elements directly on the production bed. Element thickness up to 520 mm and width up to 2400 mm. 

Our cutting versions:

  • Modular angle or straight cut saw - maxcut
  • Straight cut saw - TSF
  • Straight cut saw - TSX

maxcut angular

Modular design. For any type of cut

Modular design

The maxcut concrete saw grows with its tasks at the customer. Thanks to its modular design, it can be configured as required. And easy to convert at a later date. Angle, cross and longitudinal cutting. For product thicknesses up to 52 cm. The fastest saw on the market due to intelligent control.

  • Frame module: portal and front loader
  • Cutting module: cross cut and angle/longitudinal cut
  • Autonomous cutting module: for fully autonomous cutting of entire production beds
  • Wire extractor module: to lay out stressing wires
  • Plotter module: for marking the concrete products
  • Data transmission module: Wireless connection to higher-level production control systems

maxcut Frontloader

maxcut Portal

The exceptionally user-friendly XOS-CUT control system manages all the saw's functions. Idle paths are eliminated and the cut is optimised up to its maximum speed. In line with the mechanics, the control consists of combinable modules

  • Straight cut
  • Angle cut
  • Partial cut
  • Fully autonomous cutting of entire beds
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Plotter module


  • Simple operator-friendly handling for precise cutting
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic control system
  • Maintenance-friendly machine design
  • Saw blade diameter up to 1,400 mm - Cutting depth up to 520 mm
  • Lowest operating costs, extra long saw blade lifetime
  • Short cycle times per cut from 60 sec. to 120 sec.
  • Easy integration into existing plants

maxcut TSF

Powerful straight ahead

The TSF straight-cut saw cuts prestressed concrete products up to 42 cm thick in manual or semi-automatic mode. It has a particularly compact design and can therefore also be easily used in existing plants. It features extremely precise saw blade guidance and a particularly powerful cutting drive.

The operator drives the saw to the cutting position and manually controls the cut. 


  • Simple operator-friendly handling for precision cutting
  • Manual or semi-automatic control system
  • Maintenance-friendly machine design
  • Saw blade diameter up to 1,100 mm - Cutting depth up to 420 mm
  • Lowest operating costs, long saw blade life
  • Short cutting times
  • Easy to integrate into existing plants

maxcut TSX

Straight ahead for moderate cutting duty

The TSX straight cut saw is specially designed for smaller cutting quantities and product thicknesses up to 22 cm. The particularly simple operation allows any straight cuts across the production bed. The operator positions the saw at the cutting point, then manually controls the cut.


  • Easy handling for moderate cutting quantities
  • Manual operation, particularly easy to maintain
  • Saw blade diameter up to 600 mm - Cutting depth up to 220 mm
  • Lowest operating costs, long saw blade life
  • Easy to integrate into existing plants

Comparison of the concrete saws


Technical Data

Ø Saw Blade600 mm
Saw Motor 
30 kW
30 - 45 kW
45 kW
Travel DriveElectricElectricElectric
Max. cutting depth220 mm420 mm520 mm
Max. cutting width1200 mm2400 mm2400 mm
Straight cut (0)°
Automatic cutStandardStandard
Down holderOptionOption
Central lubricationOptionOption
Wire pulling deviceOptionOption
Angular cut (- 90° / +90°)Option
Autonomuous cutting 

Plotter module

Wireless data transferOption