Innovative technologies since 1954

70 Years of Experience, Expertise and Tradition

With over 400 precast concrete factories for prestressed and reinforced concrete elements successfully installed since 1954, MAX-truder GmbH is proud to celebrate 70 years of experience, expertise and tradition this year. Our journey has been marked by endurance, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, MAX-truder is a globally recognized leader in the precast concrete industry. Our name stands for the highest quality and reliability that our customers depend on every day. We serve customers in all major markets through our extensive network of international distributors. The modular design of our MAX-truder machines and lines offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing our customers to easily adapt their production to meet changing market demands.

Explore our remarkable journey: since 1954 to present

Welcome to the rich history of our company, a pioneer in the precast concrete industry with a legacy spanning seven remarkable decades. From our roots in the 1950s to our current innovative ventures in the 2020s, join us on a journey of growth, development and global impact.

The Early Days

It all began 70 years ago, when the company's establishment was laid in Weiler in 1954, at that time under the name weiler Brauer KG. Initially, we concentrated on the manufacture of slipforms for the production of pre-stressed concrete beams. The early decade was already marked by some remarkable milestones:

  • 1954 - Foundation of weiler Brauer KG
  • 1955 - 1st slipformer for pre-stressed floor beams
  • 1955 - Start of production of a simple concrete saw and pre-stress equipment
  • 1958 - First participation at the BAUMA exhibition in Munich


In the 1960s, our company led the way in concrete technology innovations. We created the first slipformer for pre-stressed hollow core floor slabs and introduced the first multi-layer slipformer. The decade marked our commitment to pushing the boundaries of concrete technology and delivering excellence worldwide. Here are some remarkable milestones:

  • 1961 - 1st slipformer for pre-stressed hollow core floor slabs
  • 1963 - Multi-layer slipformer for hollow core slabs 
  • 1968 - Delivery of the 10th slipformer plant for T-beams to Italy

Steps into the World

The 1970s saw us expand our horizons and cement our presence around the world. It was a period of remarkable innovation and growth. Here's a sneak peek into the transformative moments:

  • 1970 -  Export expansion: Australia, Canada, Middle East, and South Europe
  • 1972 - 1st universal slipformer, capable of producing beams and hollow core slabs
  • 1976 - Multi-wire stressing jack for simultaneous wire stressing
  • 1978 - 1st slipformer with an extended working width of 240 cm

New focus

During the 1980s, we started a journey of change and creativity that completely transformed who we are. Let's take a quick look at some of the key moments from this period:

  • 1980 - 1st fully automatic concrete saw
  • 1982 - Stationary saw plant for angle and rib cuts
  • 1986 - BAUMA showcase: universal slipformer with hydraulic 4-wheel drive
  • 1988 - Transition from machine factory to plant manufacturer


The 1990s was a time of groundbreaking innovation and expansion as we pushed the boundaries of what's possible. Here's a look at the technological milestones of the decade:

  • 1990 - 1st mobile hydraulic saw for angle and rib cuts
  • 1992 - 1st complete slipformer plant in Turkey, followed by further 8 plants
  • 1994 - 1st generation extruder for hollow core floor slabs 15, 20, 25 and 32 cm high
  • 1998 - 2nd generation extruder for 40 cm high slabs


The 2000s were an era of remarkable expansion and transformation as we cemented our position in the industry as a provider of complete and turnkey precast concrete solutions. Here's a look at this decade:

  • 2000 - 1st plant installed in South Africa, followed by a further 5 projects
  • 2001 - 1st extruder plant in Bahrain, followed by a further 22 plants in Middle East 
  • 2004 - 1st concrete batching plant 
  • 2009 - 3rd extruder generation

Export Champion

The 2010s marked a period of international recognition and significant expansion, as we cemented our reputation as an export champion. Here's a look at the decade that showcased our global presence:

  • 2010 - 1st mobile precast plant
  • 2012 - 1st tilting table line and 1st battery mould developed and set in operation
  • 2014 - Plant installations in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Russia, and Kazakhstan
  • 2017 - Acquisition of weiler GmbH and rebranding to MAX-truder GmbH
  • 2017 - New hollow core slab cross sections
  • 2019 - maxtension smart stressing unit

Time for Innovation

The 2020s are a time of innovation as we redefine the boundaries of what's possible. Let's take a closer look at this decade of progress:

  • 2021 - 1st modular concrete saw
  • 2022 - Opening of the largest precast factory in the company's history in Kazakhstan
  • 2023 - 1st wetcast bed production for driven piles developed and set in operation
  • 2024 - What's next?