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Experience. Our foundation for reliable innovation.

YOU CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE EVERYTHING or do it in a completely new way.

Our product solutions break new ground. As a result of our developments, your production becomes more efficient and reliable. We supply you with equipment for high-quality manufacturing processes. We have many years of experience in prestressed concrete production, we listen carefully to our customers and take on board suggestions with the aim of developing innovative, better solutions. Our team is characterized by broad design and engineering expertise combined with a progressive spirit. This leads to ideas and solutions that make production processes not only faster and more efficient, but also more sustainable.

Our trend-setting ideas and solutions are based on 70 years of company tradition and over 400 plants for prestressed concrete elements delivered to customers all over the world. Today, the name MAX-truder stands for the highest quality recognized worldwide, on which our customers can absolutely rely in their daily work. Thanks to our international network of trading partners, we are at home in all major markets. All our products and services are always designed for ease of use and tailored to the needs of our customers. The use of our equipment offers significant production cost advantages and enables short-, medium- and long-term efficiency improvements.

70 Years of Experience, Expertise and Tradition

With over 400 precast concrete factories for prestressed and reinforced concrete elements successfully installed since 1954, MAX-truder GmbH is proud to celebrate 70 years of experience, expertise and tradition this year. Our journey has been marked by endurance, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Today, MAX-truder is a globally recognized leader in the precast concrete industry. Our name stands for the highest quality and reliability that our customers depend on every day. We serve customers in all major markets through our extensive network of international distributors.

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Clever varieties. Complete product range.

Markets are different and diverse. To meet these requirements, MAX-truder designs scalable modular precast concrete plants for the production of a wide range of prestressed concrete and reinforced concrete elements:

  • Hollow core slabs for floors and walls
  • Ramming piles and foundation elements
  • Floor beams, lintels, fence and vineyard posts
  • Columns, beams and trusses
  • Solid or sandwich wall panels
  • Stairs and balconies
  • Special parts

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Overview of our services

At MAX-truder, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end package, from concept development to successful commissioning. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with seamless and holistic support for their projects. 

With our many years of experience and commitment to excellence, we are your reliable partner for the realisation of precast concrete solutions that meet the highest quality standards

Your inquiry for the precast concrete plant or living space: We are here to understand your inquiries and needs and offer you tailored solutions.

Consultation and preliminary planning: Our experienced expert team is here to help you plan and design your projects right from the beginning.

Support for financial advice/profitability analysis: We assist you in analysing the economic viability of your projects and exploring financing options.

Contract finalisation: We support you in the contract process to ensure that all details are clear and understandable.

Detailed planning and construction: Our engineering team creates detailed plans and ensures the smooth implementation of your project.

Provision of engineering services: We provide comprehensive engineering services to ensure that your facility meets the highest standards.

Equipment delivery: We take care of the timely delivery of the necessary equipment for your precast concrete plant.

Commissioning of the precast plant: We assist you in the smooth commissioning of your precast plant.

With MAX-truder, you have a strong partner by your side, turning your visions into reality and elevating your manufacturing processes to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can advance your projects.